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You might have been told about Paydiamond, heard on radio, or friend, or saw it on the internet, which ever one, you are on the right business and a wise decision to take to become rich.


And the uniqueness of Paydiamond that gave you and I the confidence to promote the MLM business profit program is because we know the terms and conditions of the company is flexible and standard from “Paydiamond Marketing & Sales Ltd”


Paydiamond is a registered company in Hongkong that deals on Diamond production. The name of the company that mines Diamond is called “Paydiamond Marketing & Sales Ltd”


As the name suffices/sounds, Paydiamond deals on D I A M O N D
Every company has terms and conditions


The CEO of Paydiamond Marketing & Sales Ltd is Adrino while the Administrative director of Paydiamond international as MLM is Carlos Luiz

Carlos Luiz has over 27 years experience in MLM and is an economist.

Paydiamond international as an MLM (Multilevel Market) company is an Associate to “Paydiamond Marketing & Sales Ltd”. Because Paydiamond Marketing & Sales Ltd is a standard and billion dollar company saw the uniqueness of Paydiamond business profit program to promote and also help to advertise the sales of Diamond through buying of diamonds in packages had to Associate it with MLM otherwise known as Networking.

As an MLM Paydiamond is over 2 + half years old in the world as of the time of writing this post

There are in over 50 countries in the world and just 4 months old + in Nigeria as of the time of writing this post.

That’s great!!! Isn’t it?

Paydiamond Marketing & Sales Ltd has been existing over years and registered

The Diamond is actually produced from raw stone to final destination which is the market.

It has a unique and fantastic business profit program/compensation plan, which ever you call it that makes it so attractive to select class and also to select those who have the mind to have class of life style.

Now how do you become a partner to Paydiamond compensation plan?
Or rather, how do I put in my money to Paydiamond and also Make Money in return?

Note 1: This is not a Ponzi scheme nor a Pyramid Scheme. It’s a networking platform that has a wonderful, unique, fantastic, enticing compensation plan that you can’t afford to stay behind while those that has fore sight grab the opportunity.

How does it work?

You can be smart but not quick to action
These are the packages

There are five Paydiamond packs available to new clients for purchase

  1. Safe Pack $18,000 (7,200,000)
  2. Master Pack $3,600 (1,440,000)
  3. Plus Pack $1,200 (480k)
  4. Light Pack $400 (160k)
  5. Joy Pack $200 (80k)


5% weekly returns on any pack purchased: for every diamond pack you purchase, after 30 waiting days you will start earning 5% of the value of the pack every week for 50 weeks.
Now, they are different packages you can come in with, depending on the strength of your financial capability
You buy your pack with 400 per dollar and you also get paid at 400 per dollar, if you are using pdcode (pdcode means using your earnings to sign up people. Some company calls it coupon, while some calls it wallet. Paydiamond calls it pdcode)
Let me also remind you here that Paydiamond pays you on a Daily bases, weekly and monthly bases.

Now take note of the following


Also you can sign up with bitcoin and also withdraw with bitcoin
Each of the packs has point value (PV) attached to it

  • Master Pack = 1000pv
  • Safe Packs = 5,000pv worth of 5cts (5cts = 5 Carat diamond)
  • Plus Packs = 300pv
  • Joy Pack = 50pv
  • Light Pack = 100pv

But before then, I will like to brake the business down completely
In it lies heavy money
Now take note of these PV’s

Example, let’s Say that Mrs Ugo came on board and based on her personal decision to make, because everybody, you are the boss of your Business. You are not working for anybody. You have the business plan, follow it and you will become rich.

Now Ugo decides to buy the Master Pack
She registered and activated her account with Master Pack worth $3,600
Now, the company will use your money and trade for you for 30 days on Diamond. Within that 30 days, you will not receive anything
What am saying now is without introducing anyone

Note, the first 25 weeks completes your capital which if you desire Diamond to be sent to you, you can have it delivered to you here in Nigeria.

Now, after 30 days, Paydiamond will begin to pay you the following week of the next month, basically every Monday morning of every week 5% of your package for the next 50 weeks

Remember, 52 weeks makes a year
Now, if you don’t need the diamond, the money keeps dropping every week until 50 weeks

Now what I have just said is for those that don’t want to introduce anyone

So whether you introduce or not, your money is safe
Now for those that wants to make the Mega money, that is where the networking comes to play.

As you buy your pack the company says you can also Make Money in four other ways which are as follows

Startup bonus
Referral bonus
Leadership bonuses
Matching bonuses from PV’s

Now this four plus the first pay which is the weekly bonuses makes it 5 ways of payment.

Ugo now introduced Martha and Pauline. Martha decided to do the Safe Pack and Pauline decided to do the Masters pack

Remember Ugo signs up with Masters pack for example

Now Martha is registered on the left leg of Ugo and Pauline is registered on the right leg of Ugo business group respectively.

Now, the company will also subtract the 1000pv from the 5000pv and leave 4000pv on the other leg carried over to the next day for as much as registration keeps coming, it keeps adding and been matched together and is been paid.

Remember, Safe Pack has a PV of 5000pv and Master has a PV of 1000pv respectively. Also never forget that because Ugo is the direct sponsor of Martha and Pauline, Ugo will receive a Startup/referral bonus from them as follows:

Ugo will get an instant $500 from Martha and $100 from Pauline. That means Ugo has a total of $600 from startup bonus. Also remember the PV’s, on the PV is where the daily bonuses comes, now for that day, the company will match the two PV’s together and pay Ugo 50% of the lesser PV. Which means Ugo will get 50% of 1000pv = $500 (paid to Ugo in dollars).


Take a look at the startup bonuses


Now the Unilever bonuses is paid to you on a monthly bases depending on the people under you
The company pays you $0.50 per head from your first generation to your tenth generation

Write this note in your note and take note of this note. Paydiamond Charges everyone worldwide $10 for Tax once a month. Meaning on a monthly bases.

This tax is charged monthly for your weekly bonus maintenance.
Same Tax of $10, out of it, your Unilevel is been paid to you on same monthly bases.

Now the Unilever bonuses is paid to you on a monthly bases depending on the people under you

The company pays you $0.50 per head from your first generation to your tenth generation

Take a look at the Team Binary bonus.


This is where you make crazy money. From Matching of PV’s.
Take a look at the Packages you decide to go with
Process of production of Diamond

I won’t talk much here, but know that leadership is also paid to you.
You can withdraw your money in PAYDIAMOND in 5ways

Through PDCODE… When you have up to $200 in your wallet you can use it to register a new person and collect the cash from him or her. In other words, Pdcode is using your earnings to sign up people and collect cash from them.

Wallet Transfer… You can transfer your wallet to any member and collect cash from him or her….. But on this wallet transfer you must have up-to $300 and you must do your KYC (Know Your Customer) before you can do the wallet transfer

Master Card… When you have uploaded your documents you will register with EUROEXCHANGE do all your verifications then u apply for the master card through your page and $80 will be minus from your wallet covering the Master Card fee and shipping fees. Then you can move your money from your wallet to master card and withdraw it anywhere in the world

After you have registered with EUROEXCHANGE you can also move your earning from EUROEXCHANGE to your Bitcoin wallet my favorite.

Transfer to your local bank account: Finally You can withdraw your money from EUROEXCHANGE to your local account.

This is a great opportunity you won’t want to miss, many of those who knows about bitcoin years ago are living in regrets seeing what the price is now.

Avoid such regrets now. Sign up  now

You may not have $4600 to by one bitcoin now but put in effort with paydiamond and own some bitcoin now. That is why the bitcoin payment is my favorite.
Join the winning teams now by registering here.

For your questions and enquiries +2348165842119.


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